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I keep claiming that this quilt is "FINISHED". Well, the piecing is finished, the quilting is finished, and now the binding and label are finished. So girls, it is truly finished this time. I promise you. I wanted to put a satin binding on it as babies and young children seem to love to rub a soft silky feeling edge to sooth them and calm them when tired. I couldn't find a color I really liked, but finally settled on this light blue.

I had the quilter to leave the quilt untrimmed so that I could trim the batting and binding as needed from the edge of the quilt according to the binding width so that the binding would look full and nice. I ended up timming it 1 3/4 inch from the edge of the quilt (binding was 2 inches wide). I tried attaching this binding the same as I would a narrow cotton binding and you can't really do that as the binding has finished edges therefore it is just top stitched on--front and back at the same time. I went HERE for my first tips on how to attach.

I used a narrow zig zag stitch and invisible thread. This worked well--with the zig zag stitch you have a better chance of catching the back edge of the binding, but just in case you don't sometimes I can say with experience that you can go back and stitch down the parts that did not catch with a straight stitch and no one will ever know.
I stitched all the way to the corner of the quilt edge (not the batting/backing) and then pulled the quilt from under the machine so I could work with the corner. I folded the binding down the next side being careful to see that the corner of the binding met the corner of the batting/backing corner. I then pinned and then went back to the corner and folded the excess fabric inside the mitre one way on the front side and opposite on the backside. I then put the quilt back under the machine and started stitching down the next side.

You can see here that the invisible thread and the small zig zag stitch look very neat and nice. I sewed the corners down by hand.
Here is my label. I love this little poem. This is what it says:
It's Your Quilt
It's OK if you sit on your quilt.
It's OK if your bottle gets spilt.
If you swallow some air And you burp, don't despair,
It's OK if you spit on your quilt.
There are scraps old and new in your quilt,
Put together for you on your quilt.
If your gums feel numb'Cause your teeth haven't come}
It's OK if you chew on your quilt.
We expect you to lie on your quilt,
If you hurt you may cry on your quilt.
On a cold rainy night,Don't you fret, you're all right,
You'll be snug, warm and dry on your quilt.
by Nancy Riddell
There is one more tutorial on applying satin blanket binding available online, but I did not find it very helpful. If you know of one, please post a comment. I would love to share it with everyone. I have searched, but have not been successful. The Wrights site is the best one I found.



Pat said...

This turned out REALLY nice....your little guy will LOVE it, Molly! (And as for Lulu...tell her TOO BAD that you posted it again, because we LOVE to see it as many times as possible.) Great idea to do the satin binding.

Kathy said...

Molly, it turned out just precious! I know that Baby Cullen will love it and treasure it -- his own quilt made by his Nana!

Rhonda said...

Love the quilt and that label is so precious.

Anonymous said...

I adore the label!

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