Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sunbonnet Sue Sunday #14

A Rose by any other name is still a Rose? Right?

What if the name of the Rose is Sunbonnet Sue--That's right! A little trivia to start this monthly Sunbonnet Sue Sunday post. Sunbonnet Sue was also the name of a 1945 musical starring Gale Storm that was typed as a farce.

A Sunbonnet Sue Flickr group boasts 257 uploads. If you have some free time, you can spend some of it there. You will see crafts and quilts devoted to the star of this post.

I found a free quilt pattern here that includes the two darling patterns on the right. The Sam is one of the cutest I have seen. He is a little chunky guy. BTW--I found that one other author is cited as a source for the faceless children. Bernhardt Wall's characters were published about the same time as Bertha Corbett's. His girls wore a different style of bonnet and no aprons. Also, it is in Mr. Bernhardt's work that we first find a male character now known as Overall Bill. This article by QNL is excellent and gives the best complete history of SBS that I have found. If you are only going to read one, this is the one.

Marti Mitchelle offers us this free pattern over on her site HERE.
The March winds are the inspiration for Mom's Block of the month. No Shamrocks or excessive bright green, or Leprochans or pots of gold, thank goodness. Just a high wind and a homemade kite. I think her dad helped Sue make this kite and her mom provided rags for the tale. Her bonnet is tied on tightly so as she won't lose it. Her bonnet is worn on this day because her mother told Sue that if she does not wear her bonnet her hair will blow and become entangled . Sue does NOT like to sit for hours in front of her mother as she detangles her long locks. Mama put her hair up today and positioned the bonnet just right so that it helped hold her hair underneath to prevent tangles. It so happened that dad found the time to help Sue launch her kite today. Her dad took the kite from her and began to run with it. Sue tried to keep up, but was becoming so tired when suddenly dad let the kite go-----up----up----up it went. High in the sky. The tale was turning and twisting and flopping in the wind as the kite went higher and higher in the bright blue sky. Dad handed the stick with the kite tied to it to Sue. She just stood there with the sun shining down on her face as she locked her eyes on the kite. What a wonderful day today is. A beautiful day, a wonderful kit and great day with daddy. Sue will never forget this day---never.



Mickie said...

Thanks Molly, Your SBS made my day again!! Your mom's Sue is so wonderful, love the layers of skirts blowing, just fantastic! Take care and thanks for a great start to Sunday!

Kathy said...

Oh, I think this may be my favorite block so far! And I love your narrative. Girl, you have writing talents! I felt like I was there watching Dad help her fly that kite AFTER she was in a tit for tat with Mom over having to wear the bonnet -- hehehehe

Pat said...

I love the look of Sue's skirt while flying that kite. Thanks for posting this...put a real smile on my face!

Julia said...

I love this SBS block..
haven't seen this one before..
julia ♥

Coleen said...

I love all the SBS blocks. Thanks!

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