Saturday, February 21, 2009

Judy's Quilt-a-Thon--HELP! update #1 and update #2 late

UPDATE #2 better late than never.

I am way late with this second update, but I figure better late than never. Here is Cullen's quilt with the star block components finished. I still have to put the blocks together. Tomorrow I will get that done and report in again. Another result of todays work is a tutorial for the quarter square triangles. Find it here.
Need so bad to work on my baby's quilt. I am very busy today and tomorrow, but thought joining this Quilt-a Thon might spur me to use every extra minute on Cullen's Quilt. We found out Thursday that Baby Cullen has a hernia. He will visit a pediatric surgeon on Tuesday. Prayers and thoughts are very much appreciated. He is 2 months old and weighs 12 pounds. Go Here to see what I have accomplished so far. I will update later on today when and if I get something more done. THANKS!! WISH ME LUCK!!

UPDATE #1 ~~This is what I got done today. Not much, but I think I did good for no more time that I had today. I had much to do. I will continue tomorrow and try to finish the other five Ohio Star blocks. I will still have some half squares to make unless I decide to put it together like it is. It is big enough I think. Oh well, I will sleep on it (no pun intended).



Pat said...

Of course you will have prayers for baby Cullen. These things are rather routine in the world of babies, BUT...when it's a baby in our own family, of course we are very nervous and worried about it. I'm sure it will all work out very fine, but being a grandma, I understand how you feel as I felt that way with everything with my grandkids (and my kids before that).

Kritta22 said...

Saying a little prayer for little Cullen!!

Rhonda said...

Prayer and love for your grandbaby.
Your quilt is really shaping up. Take care.

Mickie said...

Prayers for the grandbaby! One of my nephews had that surgery when he was a baby and he is fine. But we will keep him in our prayers!

The quilt is coming along wonderfully! Love the colors you chose, everything pops!

Kathy said...

LOVE Baby Cullen's quilt. It is going to be awesome.

I definitely will be praying for that little Angel. Keep us posted.

Pat said...

Thinking of baby Cullen as he sees the pediatric surgeon today. Please update when you know what the surgeon recommends.

Coleen said...

The quilt is looking good.
I'll be sure to say an extra prayer for Cullen.

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