Wednesday, February 25, 2009


On this brisk day, my husband and sons were gone for thier last mighty deer hunt. I was left in charge of the ranch and a group of heifers who were "right on hand" for giving birth. For those of you who do not know, heifers who are having their first calves more often than not need a little help from their friends. That would be me on this particular day. This heifer I found in the very back corner of what we call the South field. She was stretched out on her side and two feet and a nose were protruding. Oh no--I am here alone. How am I ever even going to get her home by myself. I knew this would happen. I took out my cell phone and started dialing--who you ask? Everyone I knew that could help (no Wackies are on this list! LOL). Only one person answered and he said he was busy but would be here as soon as possible. I had a talk with the little heifer. This is what I said and I mean literally.
"Darlin--you are in a mess. I am the only one here to help you, so this is what we have to do. You are going to have to get up and walk down this fence. I will go slow so you can take it easy. We have to go now and you have to go to the lot right now--no room for bull (no pun intended).
Usually it takes Sid and I both to pen a cow and most times we could have used several more people. This little heifer seemed to sense or literally understand exactly what I said. She got up and walked right down the fence in front of me and on to the lot about 1/2 a mile. I could not believe it. I started getting supplies together to pull the calf. Although I have never done it completely alone, I have helped a million times. I know exactly what to do, but might not be strong enough to do it. I got hot water, towels, the puller and chains, and gloves together. I was about to pick up the phone to call and see what happened to my help and to see if there is any chance that troops are coming. I look up and see that the cow is laying broad side in the lot. The calf is HALF BORN! The little thing was born after one more big push from Mama. Girls, I have seen it a million times, but it never ceases to amaze me. Heifers who are brand new to parenthood sometimes don't quite know what to make of their new bundle of joy. Sometimes they act surprised at this tiny wet sqirt that just fell out on the ground. Hey I can understand, can't you? This little heifer didn't realize anything alive was anywhere around but me until it started to rub up against her buttocks. She was content to lay and rest after the pain subsided. She finally got up and stood there staring at the little thing trying to wiggle out of it's birth sack. It was really comical. A little licking and cleaning up and he was ready for breakfast. You can tell by the dirt on her face what a hard time she had. She put her all into it. As for me, I was thanking God that he helped her instead of me. He knew he could do a better job. He is much more patient and much stronger than I. But we do make a good team.

We have a birth on the ranch almost every day. We only have to help with some. We lost a calf yesterday. We didn't catch it in time. We did save the mother. Later that afternoon one was born and the mother's uterus came out with the calf. The Vet had to be called and he did a spinal on her a put it back in and stitched her up. Maybe she will live and raise the calf. Time will tell. She is still ok as of today. I just thought I would let you all know what goes on here on Fryer Ranch. It's a trip that some of you would love to take and others not so much! LOL



simple country living! said...

Hi Molly! What an exciting day you had! Have a great week!

Pat said...

Oh, WOW...I"m glad this one was okay...but sorry about the other incidents yesterday.

Kathy said...

Hey you ole Hot Ranchhand Mama! Grat Job! Your new baby is precious

Gina said...

What a wonderful day.

A friend of mine has a beef/sheep farm and like you I've helped but never done one on my own. It's a marvellou experience though.

Love and hugs gina xxx

Mickie said...

Wow, I was so touched by your post today. I just had to tell you. I hope the little guy does okay. Sorry for the lost one yesterday. Take care and thanks for making me grateful this morning.

Debi said...

Wow Molly you had a very interesting morning. This city girl would not know what to do at all. What a cute calf.

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