Thursday, November 13, 2008

String Thing and Noah's Ark Stitchery

I finished my String Thing Block Swap quilt (boy -- that was a mouthfull). The blocks became a border for a piece of fabric that have not been able to cut. I also got to use cowhide fabric that I love and the row of fussy cut blocks are some that were suppose to be in a Round Robin that just couldn't quit make it. All in all, I think it turned out pretty good. The is a quilt that I just put together my own thing--I had no pattern. I always get so confused when I am sewing strips/blocks together to be a certain size. I think I have finally settled on the concept ----add the widths in actual size and THEN add the seam allowances. I know that, but sometimes those seam allowances just sneak righ in there. Oh well, I only unsewed a little (ALOT). I am glad it is done. Only one disappointing thing here. I cannot mark this off my "list" as I did not have it on my list. I think I will put it on so I can mark it off. Yes, I am Wacky!! But then you knew that already. DGS, Caden, will get this quilt when he gets a twin bed.
One more block done for Lynette's Noah's Ark BOM. (See button on sidebar.) Next is Kangaroos. They are precious. You will see them here soon.


mjnauert said...

I have never seen the strips used as a border design...I love it so much! It really gives this quilt, in particular, a very rustic look. Great Job. I also like how your coming along on the Noah blocks. I would do something like that too, but I would be as old as Noah was by the time I finished that project! Happy Stitching...

Vicki W said...

The string blocks made a great border!!

Rhonda said...

Molly, I love your strip quilt. Using the blocks as a border was a great idea.

Dee said...

How do I get the Noah's Ark blocks? Dee

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