Thursday, November 13, 2008

Personal Signature for your Blog

FYI--to those of you who have not discovered how easy it is to have a personalized signature for your posts. I kept seeing these neat signatures and finally did a search on Split Decisionz . This is such a great to site. Amy provides free tutorials, free-lots of things-plus will help you with anything if you email her. She guides you to a site called My Live Signature where you can design a signature. There are several ways to do it from just picking one similar to yours from a selection of fonts to actually sending in your signature or drawing it on-line and having them design it for you. I tried drawing it and mine just was not what I wanted (Actually looked like a two year old had done it) but yours would probably look great.

After I had decided on the signature that I wanted (mine is from the selection of fonts), I saved the code to my hard drive. I was going in and pasting the code into my posts each time I wanted to use the signature until I found the tutorial from Amy on Split Decisionz that explains how simple it is to have the signature permanently appear on each and every post.

Amy says you have to save your signature to an internet site like Photobucket, but I just copied the code that I had saved from my hard drive, then followed Amy's instructions below. Worked like a charm! The signature will be at the time, but if you place your curser above the signature it will inch down as you type your post and end up at the bottom.


Copy your signature's HTML code
Log into your blogger account
From your Dashboard choose "settings"
Choose formatting
Scroll down to where it says "post template" to the left of a text box
Paste the code into the box
Save settings
Now, each time you click on "new post" to write a post you will see your signature is already in place! Easy isn't it? Go try it!

Here is mine--I love the look! Go see AMY at Split Decisionz


quilterpolly said...

thanks for the tip:) how fun...

Rhonda said...

Don't you just love "split decsionz"? I have learned lots from her. Your blog really looks great.

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