Thursday, October 30, 2008



Tip #1--More or less just a discovery which I guess is what a tip is, huh. This large acrylic envelope is the exact width of a clothes hanger. It closes with a Velcro. Just close over the hanger and store in a closet or on a hook. Pretty neat stuff. I got this envelope in a class, but I imagine they are readily available in office supply stores.

Tip #2 came to me when I emptied a foil roll box the other day. I thought how neat it would be if the box would fit a roll of stabilizer. Then you could pull out the stabilizer and tear it off just as easy as you do the foil or plastic wrap that originally came in the box. I went into my sewing room and began searching for a roll to fit and low and behold, it fit perfectly! I tried tearing it off and it worked just as well as the foil.

I put the information sheet from the stabilizer on the box and covered it with sticky laminate paper.

You can see here how exactly the roll fits into the box. The box is from a 200 yard roll of foil.

A lovely surprise, (not really a surprise) came in the mail yesterday. I ordered some hand dyed embroidery floss from Ebay. This lady does beautiful Antique Sampler Reproductions and dyes her own floss. I had to have some. The variation and gradation in color is really pretty. And they are such lovely antique colors: Russet, Celery, Pumpkin, and Heather are just a few of the color names. Next time you need floss you might try Ebay! She gave me free floss for being a new customer.


Clevelandgirlie said...

Love the idea of the stabilizer in the foil box - genius!! Your mail yesterday was not too shabby either - I'm going to check out her floss as this looks beautiful.

mjnauert said...

Molly, Have you been cleaning your sewing room? Ha, Ha! you are a clever little organizer. Awesome tips.


Jeanne said...

Thanks for the tips, Molly! Tip # 2 will help me find my stabilizer next time I need it.

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