Friday, October 31, 2008


WHAT WOULD HALLOWEEN BE WITHOUT A SPOOKY TALE? When I was young we told spooky tales on Halloween and it is the thing now that makes Halloween Halloween. I know there are no haunted houses, or spooky tales or witches pictures in schools anymore but to tell you the truth I think that kidS are really missing out on a most fun Holiday that is second only to Christmas. All the evil in the world cannot be due to a little spookiness on Halloween. Evil people create evil and there will be evil as long as there are evil people. Think about the movies we watch. What makes them interesting other than the romance? Of course!! It's the bad guy, the mean dude. Without evil characters we love to hate, there would be no need for the good guys that we all love to love.
So paint your face green, put on your long fake fingernails and your pointy nose. Oh yes, the long black dress and that hat that makes you look like you starred in the Wizard of Oz and give out that delicious candy to all the little goblins in the neighborhood. Make them need guts to come up on your doorstep and then reward them for their courage. One year my boys Trick or Treated a lady that was dressed as I described and when she opened the door and spoke to them in an evilish voice they screamed and ran back to the car. She graciously turned on her porch light, yanked off her fingernails and called out, "Come Back, I didn't meant to scare you. It's just me, Mrs. Hancock. I have some homemade pop corn balls for you, darlins." Of course they went back and we have laughed about it for years. My boys will never forget that Halloween. That and the house next door that had gravestones and the Hunchback of Notre Dame walking in the yard. Don't ya just love hearing about Halloween in Small Town Texas.

When I was a teenager there was a story of a boy and girl that went parking and narrowly escaped a mad mans rage. I found the story by Schlosser here. Of course the version I always was told was a bit different, but essentially the same. This site has other Texas Scary Tales and Folklore. Very Interesting, I thought. Then you can also travel to Scary Tales of other States. You can spend several days there, believe me.

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Clevelandgirlie said...

Hi Molly - Happy Halloween. Thanks for the spoooky stories.
My first "date night" scary movie ever was Texas Chainsaw Massacre (although it took place in Arkansas. Texarkana I think.)
Scared the crap out of me for years I wouldn't "park" with anyone!!!


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