Thursday, October 9, 2008

Pincushions and Daddy's Ties

Working with ties that I have had in my closet forEVER! I decided to retrieve them and at least get them in a condition to consider making something with them. Some were my dad's and some were bought at garage sales. I clipped the tacking threads and they actually came apart fairly easy. Some are silk and some are poly blends. HEY--the pincushion swap that we have coming up for Christmas------maybe I could experiment with the ties-------. First I will get the ties pressed and organized.-----
THEN--my first attempt at a pincushion~~
Can do better next time--the word PINS needs to be bigger--

Another try at a pincushion--this time with felt and cotton fabric and trims:
I think I will remove the button trim and do some embroidery. At any rate, I am on a roll. I will post more progress later.

Here is another Paper pieced block using the ties.


mjnauert said...

I am eating my heart out right now over the ties...I love the paper pieced square. Gaa...I need to go cut something!


Btw! Thank you for voting for me with the ugly mug award! They should have this award available in quilt shows. I would have a closet full of them!

Lynette Anderson said...

I love the paper pieced block using the ties, its just fabulous. I may have to raid my brothers huge huge tie collection and do something from them for his 50th...he would just be so thrilled.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful tie block. Are you going to embroider it?

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