Sunday, October 12, 2008

Another Stitchy Day?

What a great day, OUTSIDE! And all I want to do is stitch. I think I will take it all outside. If you have been following you know that I have been having fun with hand embroidering pincushions. Here is #2------with #1 in the background.

I have been searching for more base containers. A garage sale turned up a heart shaped glass container that I think would make a great base. Sorry about the picture. You cannot tell how pretty it is. The felt is cut and ready for stitching. I cut down two medication bottles and also found tops of hair products would be good. Bigger than cola bottle caps, but still small. The larger ones would also be good as the insert could hold the top up into place (I have been stuffing with quilt batting).

I have to get my blocks from Lynette's BOM transferred to fabric and begin on them so that I can get on her blog list of people who have actually DONE something. So check back and see if I have----done something that is. Seems telling YOU that I will do something makes me do it. How crazy is that. I guess I don't want to let you down, my friends. Most of you I don't even know. How is that for closeness of quilters/stitchers. Thanks again to all who visit my blog. I love it when someone in interested enough to do so. My Wacky Pac friends and I have talked about the "Blogger Followers" and have made sure that we at least "follow" each other (see "Followers" on my sidebar. We have said that it is very embarrassing to only have 1 or 2 "followers". I now have FIVE. with one NOT being a member of our group (but is one who we have retreated with). Oh well--I know that you all are visiting. I can tell by the numbers and that is all that matters. I just do not know if you are the SAME visitors. LOL

I am doing more quilting stitching these days. Since I quit my part-time job, I have had a hard time not feeling guilty quilting/stitching. I guess I feel I am wasting time. I don't know---I have just never had the time to just do what I want to do. I guess "work" is what I have always done and it is hard to change habits. I am relaxing a bit these days. Staying up late is what I love and then of course "sleeping in"--I know--not good.

Have a great Sunday, my friends. Keep Stitching--and stitching--and stitching. It's good for the soul-------------------~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Addition to this post----just made this tiny pincushion from a cola bottle cap. I swear I made it in 10 minutes with a felt bottom, trim sides, and fabric top. It took me longer to take the picture than to make it---truth!! (I must purchase a new camera!)

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mjnauert said...

I check your site every day to see what you are up to. You are always doing something fun and exciting. Just when I take notes on one of your projects so that I can try it later, you are off to another new thing. I don't know how you get so much done in one day, and then you are such a sweetheart to share your pictures and ideas. You gals get me through my day and always put a smile on my face. Please don't ever stop.
Hugs! Monica

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