Wednesday, September 17, 2008

After the Hurricane

Well, Girls--As you can see from the pictures, the wind was bad, but not so bad that we lost trees or roofs. In the distance I could see the rain blowing sideways. It was really strange. We were far enough north of the coast. We got HIGH wind, but nothing more. Our electricity didn't even go off--only flashed a few times. My DSL did go out for a few days. I finally got it restored yesterday. I spent two days picking up limbs and twigs with leaves from my yard. We lost one tree out in a pasture.---VERY LUCKY! I couldn't look out the window during the worst of the wind. It looked as though the trees would just fly away. The birds were huddled on the window sills, shaking and wet. My hummers continued to buzz at their feeders on the patio. They MUST eat!! kinda like me! Guess that is why I love them so much.

After plans to exist without for at least a week, I was a little disappointed not to get to nap, read, and cook outside for a week or so. I am so very thankful that we and all we know seem to have faired well through it all.

I have relatives and friends who live farther south and they have all reported that all is well, but others that I know of are still without electricity and most fences are blown away and some roofs have shingles missing, but that is about it. Galveston and other coastal areas are blown to pieces. Please pray for the area. Most have not been allowed to return home as of yet, so they don't even know if they have a home to go to. How sad!!

I am trying to get my "Ole Bag Swap" quilt off my design board. I worked on it for awhile this afternoon. I wish there was something you guys could say to encourage, spur, push or scare me into finishing it. Well-- you could try!

Here is most of it with out the corner and side triangles. Maybe you could help me decide what to do about them. I thought maybe I would just finish them with more of the same blocks or=============
I have some flower applique blocks that I could put on the sides.

Or ----I have squares of b lacks that I used in the quilt. I could finish the side triangles with them like this:

Or----I have a black and cream paisley print or a black with cream dot that I could use. Any suggestions? Help me out girls----.

My Texas Swap Block quilt is now quilted, bound, and on the bed. I chose to put a wider binding on it. I really like it.

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Jeanne said...

I'd save the applique blocks for another project and use the black squares. Glad you didn't have much damage and are safe.

Kathy Wagner said...

So glad to hear that all is well for you folks. I was thinking about you during these weather warnings and wondering how you were!

mjnauert said...

Actually I like the applique blocks with it. I would point the flowers in toward the quilt instead of along side it if it were mine. I guess I like how the applique softens the square block shape and I love seeing scrap quilts with applique. Oh, and we didn't get one stinking drop of rain here in Austin. (believe it or not)...glad you saw some though!

Clevelandgirlie said...

I do love graphic block quilts - however, those flowers would really soften it up a bit and give it a totally different look. Hmmmmmm, if it were me - I think I agree with Monica -- I'd put the flowers in. (I LOVE this quilt!!)
How are you going to quilt it??

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