Saturday, August 30, 2008


Well, here I am again--on the computer. I am glad to say that I think I have learned something very useful today. Through a quilters blog, I came across a website where you can create a Wordle. A Wordle is a group of random words grouped in a pleasing way. Find the website here

This was really fun, but in trying to figure out the ways that this could be saved to use in my blog I learned about "screen prints". On the web site, they say you are welcome to make a screen print. What is this, I ask? Another website explains that there is a button on your computer next to the F12 button that copies whatever is on your computer screen to your clipboard. It then can be pasted into any progran and cropped or edited. I have often wondered how people doing tutorials show you pictures of their computer screen as they are working in a program. NOW I KNOW!!
I guess all you computer geeks know all this and have known for years, but maybe their are other dummies like me who would be happy to know this. FUN STUFF!! Will come in handy in many situations.

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LC said...

Hi Molly, I found your site from another one, and love the poster you made from I went there and tried to figure out how to make one myself, but kept getting menus full of links. Can you tell me where to click?


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