Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Two sets of 9-- 9 patches must be made each month for 8 months. The result will be 9 beautiful 9- patch quilts. Jeri's quilt inspired the Wacky Pac to swap 4 1/2 inch blocks. Smaller is so much prettier than bigger. I have heard it said that you should make "big" blocks as the amount of work is the same, and you don't need as many when they are big. I know this is true, but smaller blocks just make a more beautiful quilt.

1. First I picked two fat quarters, one light and one dark. I pressed them and placed them RST (right sides together) on my cutting mat. To make 4 1/2 finished 9 patches, the strips must be cut 2 inches wide. Math tells me that I must cut 5 strips of the dark fabric and 4 strips of the light from the long side of the fat quarters (22 inch side). This will yield 3 strips sets--one light/dark/light and two dark/light/dark.

2. Cut 4 strips from your combined fat quarters. With RST, the strips will already be in postion to put into your sewing machine.

3. Remove the light fat quarter and cut one more dark strip.
4. Chain Sew 3 light/dark strips together and press the seam allowances toward the dark. Sew the remaining strips to make the 3 strip sets (Remember to chain sew).

5. Stack the 3 strip sets on top of each other wiggling the seam allowances together making sure they are straight and in line with each other.

6. Trim the end of the strip set and turn the set to face the other direction in preparation of cutting the segments to complete your 4-patches.

7. Each cut you make are three segments to complete 1 -patch.

8. You should get nine cuts and nine 4 patches to be swapped.

9. You will take one segment off the set of 3 and lay it aside. Sew the remail 2 segments together. Feed them into your machine one after the other until all are stitched. Press and then return to your machine to stitch on the 3 segment.

10. When feeding the segments into your machine, if you feed with the seam allowance going into the machine instead of away, your seams will match magically. The seam allowance is pushed together with the other.

My chain of nine 9 patches is loooooonnnnggggg!

One set down and 2 sets ready to be chained together!!
I decided to press my choices of fatquarters in a stack with RST (right sides together) as they will be stitched. I will cut my stripes and make ready for construction. Two sets per month for 8 months (I think). I need to check that--not sure it's right--Story of my life--


Clevelandgirlie said...

Hi Molly. Great tutorial. How come this is called a 4 patch and not a nine patch? Excuse my ignorance, I'm rather new at this but I see nine squares - albeit they are different sizes. Hmmmmmm.....

mjnauert said...


I want to do the swap, too. Is there room?


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