Wednesday, July 2, 2008

More Embroidery Stuff

I have not posted in a while--since a day of embroidery at my house last week, I have been trying to experiment with different threads and stablizers. These western designs were done using double tread and I stitched them 3 times. The result is a heavy "rope like" effect. If you double click on the photo, possibly you can see what I am talking of.

This flower turned out really good. I love the beautiful stitches used in the digitizing. I changed the colors and am actually happy with my choices for once.

This is a design from Artistic designs. I only used the last three frames and changed the colors to try to come up with a design that resembles my husbands dog that he loved and lost last year. The large design is the original size and the small one is 80%. Sometimes a reduction is not a good idea, as the stiches will condense and you will have thread breadage and stitch buildup. Since I didn't use all frames, it worked just fine.

I couldn't get the font size for the name the right size so I decided to combine several fonts and sizes for a notebook entry so that next time I need a name I can chose the one I need easily using the names and size labels.

Ok--I have another dog design to experiment with and am on the look out for digitizing software. All I have right now is Janome Customizer. I really needed to adjust the dog designs more than 20% and couldn't. If anyone has any opinions on this PPP_LL__EE___A__S__E let me know via posting. I am looking at Buzz Edit 2 and there are lots more.

More later daulins--I cleaned out closets to day and got out all my antique quilts and tops. I took some pics so those are coming up in a day or two. All you antique quilt lovers, Be sure to check back.

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Miss 376 said...

The Western Delights look great. Got a lovely shine to them and sit really well on the fabric

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