Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Littlest Cowboy

I just had to show you the latest pic of my first and only grandson, Caden. A Texas Blog just has to have cowboys and he is the cutest one--Caden is 5--this day was after our County Fair Parade. He rode his new horse all by himself this year. Previous years he was led by his Mom and Dad. Sorry this post is not about quilting---uuuhhhh I made him a quilt----he likes quilts-------that's the best I can do. Next post is going to be about embroidery---I am practising with different stablizers and making a notebook so that I can remember my failures and why they failed. I should check out some of your blogs--I am sure I could learn something. If you have posted about embroidery, please leave me a comment and I will know where to go-----orrrrr----you can tell me where to go--or not--.

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