Tuesday, June 10, 2008


The Wacky Pac Quilting Bee Group decided to give 1/2 yard pieces of fabric for birthdays this year. Each member would choose the type of fabric she wanted to receive. I choose Black/Tan. We meet on the second Wednesday of each month. I did not get to attend on my birthday month (May), so Rhonda took my fabric home with her. She fondled it for several weeks and then I received this parcel in the mail.Below are the five 1/2 yard pieces that I found inside. Some of the most beautiful pieces of fabric I have ever seen! Don't you agree? I have spent the last few days trying to decide which Wacky gave me which piece. Starting with the Top fabric, I will list my guesses. I will take the fabrics with me to our next meeting, which is tonight, and we will see how well I know my friends. That is, if they can remember which one they bought!! LOL







Vicki W said...

What a great idea for a birthday swap!

Rhonda said...

Oh Molly...I love your header...you did a great job. As for the fabrics...now I remember which is mine but I'm not telling just yet.

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