Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Perfect Circles--

Small to tiny circles needed for applique--I am in hot pursuit of the best method to produce these. I have purchased two products--PERFECT CIRCLES by Karen Kay Buckley-- is the first to test. Inside the package are many sizes of heat resistant plastic circles with holes in the middle.

1. First step is to chose the appropriate size circle for your project.

2. Cut fabric circles twice the size of the circle you chose.

3. A Running Stitch around the edge of the circle is the next step.

4. Place your plastic template of choice in the center of the circle of fabric and draw up the thread tightening the fabric around the template.

5. To apply starch or Magic sizing to the circle, spray it into a container of your choice. It will foam up, but will liquify in a few moments. Use a 1/4 inch stencil brush or
a Q-tip to apply the starch to the circle bottom.

6. Press the circle dry. This just takes a few seconds. Use the thread still attached to pull it away from the iron if it sticks.

7. Pull a few stitches loose and take out the template. Pull the stitches back in place and repress into shape.

The finished product is nice. The "bumps" in the middle from where the fabric is bunched could be removed by being cut away. All in all, I was pleased with the product.


Sweet P said...

Thanks for a great tutorial. I have an idea floating around in my head that uses appliqued circles. I do have one question: how many times can the templates be used?

Kathy said...

Molly, a GREAT tutorial. Thanks! The perfect circles look like they would work better than the Circle-Eze that I have.

Rhonda said...

Way to go Molly. Even I could make YoYo's using this method. Thanks!

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