Sunday, September 30, 2007

Birthing at the Deercamp

A Deep Camp Get-together birthed a Relay for Life Donation Quilt, 2007. This Texas themed quilt will be raffled to raise much needed funds for Cancer research. The Wacky Pac Quilters each produced blocks. WOW, did it turn out great? I say it did! I plan to buy many, many tickets. Hopefully many more will also. If you would like tickets email me and we can exchanged snail mail addresses .

The following photos are the Wackies present and other projects they worked on during the weekend. I spent my extra time cutting fabric squares for my OLD BAG SWAP (See Posts). The picture at the bottom shows a "little problem" that occured. Never had this happen before. I use a thread stand and when my thread broke, I examined my thread and found that it had wrapped all up in my machines fly wheel and machine motor. I still don't know how this happened. It was so nicely wound--really neat and nice. Who knows. Only me--this could happen to only me. The hightlight of the day on Sunday was a visit from Jeri. She dropped by on her way home from Compass Centre. She ate lunch and shared some chocolate cheesecake and Rasberry Tea. A little conversation and she was off in the the afternoon sun.
{The remainder of the Wacky Pak group was attending a retreat at Compass Centre and one is Moose hunting (we will not go there LOL) Good Luck, Kathy L., using your moose call!}

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Kathy said...

AWESOME JOB, Girls!!!!! I love the quilt!

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