Friday, September 7, 2007

Antique Drunkards Path

I own quite a few antique quilts. I thought you guys might like to see them! The above is a Drunkards Path. It is full of wonderful prints, checks, and shirtings. The backing is made of dyed feed sacks. You can see the sack emblem in the picture on the right. I have not had this quilt appraised, but I personally believe this quilt was made around the turn of the century. It is in excellent condition down to the binding. I came to me through my husbands family. Probably from Alabama. Thanks for looking. There are more to come. I have lots more!


Helen in the UK said...

Great quilt! This is one of my favourite DP settings because it looks like flying doves.
Do you display your antique quilts or use them?

Lucy said...

Wonderful. I am very interested in the others !

Jeanne said...

I love the colors in this quilt! Can't wait to see what else you will share with us.

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