Friday, September 14, 2007

Antique Charm Square Quilt

This one is only a piece of a top. Thirties and Forties fabrics are included. Feed/flour sacks are included. The feed sacks being a looser weave. This pattern is called "Apple Core" in this area.
Such a fine example of a simpler way of life. A time when women worked really hard physically, but had the satisfaction of being the heart of the home. Women fullfilled the role of wife and mother. The male and female roles were definately seperately defined. The women knew how to cook, clean, and wash, but also they had a garden, chickens, and a quilting frame hanging from the ceiling. Quilting patterns were torn from magazines and borrowed from neighbors. The quilt store was also the feed store. Sacks of feed and flour were chosen for their beautiful fabric containers. The time was simpler and oh so different from anything we will ever know of. I am not sure it was not better. We have such better and quicker ways of doing our work and yet we have less time. Go figure.

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Kathy said...

oooo Molly! Love that quilt!

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