Wednesday, August 22, 2007

This Old Bag Loves Swappin

The Old Bag Swap is going pretty good. Seems that each Wacky has picked a block and are making the same quilt block using the scraps from each "Old Bag" they swap for each month. I chose a pattern in the September McCall's Magazine. I don't remember the name of it as I did not buy the magazine, I just saw it when looking through a friends copy. It consists of two blocks and when put together a 36 patch is formed. I am cutting 2 1/2 inch medium squares and 2 1/2 inch neutral and black strips from the bags (if there are
any). The set is diagonal. The original quilt has light and dark nine patches. I think mine will look completely different. I laid the blocks I have made so far on my design wall just to see if I liked the look. I think I do. I love the way the black makes the other colors come to life. Sometime when I throw an odd color in with the mix, that particular square will make the quilt pop. I call these ZINGERS! Some of the bags are full of ZINGERS! Others have none, nada, zylch, nothing------. The last bag I worked with was less than full. I will refill it from my scrap bag. This is a really neat way to bust some scraps--and get a wonderful scrap QUILT in process. Come on girls--SCRAP IT UP!! M~

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