Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Kay's Block

The Wacky Pac member's block for the month for July Goes to Kay. Her chosen theme is "Texas Christmas". She received her blocks this evening and to view all the blocks visit Wacky Pac blog. The photo is of my block for Kay's Christmas Quilt. Christmas in Texas is definately different from the holiday our northern states celebrate. We have no snow. Santa wears a cowboy hat instead of a red wool hat with a tassle. He wears Western boots instead of snow boots,and along with his Ho Ho Ho is a considerably loud YYYEEEHHHHAAWWWW. Instead of eight tiny reindeer, eight galloping horses with rope tied each to the other pull the sleigh. The children sing Texas Christmas Carols like: It's Christmas Time in Texas, Merry Texas Christmas, Santa's Coming in a Stagecoach. The cacti of West Texas are just about the only thing green so we drape our strands of colored lights around them and place our beautifully colored packages under them (not really, but it sounds good). Actually I live in East Texas where my family's Christmas tree of choice was a Cedar tree- when I was a child. We would go out and look for one that was the right size and shape and it never failed, when we got it home it would be too tall or too small and have a big hole in a spot that we did not want a big hole so we would try to put that side next to the wall. Now we all have artificial trees. They are beautiful, but no smell and the fun of finding a tree in the woods is a lost tradition. Of course we don't have to worry about watering them, nor fear that they will catch on fire from the lighting when they begin to dry out. No cedar stubble stuck in the carpet when we drag them out into the yard when Christmas was over. Personally I don't know if people really have Cactus Trees in West Texas or not. I just thought it made a darlin Quilt Block. Hope you like it Kay. Merry Texas Christmas in July.


Quilt crazy said...

Love your blog...just got back to Oregon from Fredericksberg and am already missing Texas! Check out my blog at

swooze said...

THe block is great! I have enjoyed everyones blocks.

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