Thursday, July 19, 2007

I've Gone Over the Edge!

Ok, girls, I may have gone over the edge. I went by Sissy's Dress Shop in Teague today and spent way too much. Everything was 1/2 price and I found alot that I "needed" for our cruise. Above is a black linen skirt with white flowered embroidery on the bottom. I bought a knit top and a crochet over sweater to go with it and I had already purchased sparkly flip flops from Texas Outfitters. Also three pair of flashy capris and colorful tops to go with them. A white denim jacket and matching capris with beadwork tops off my purchase. Last week I ordered some flip flops with a slide out in the heel to hold your room key and money or a credit card. I told you had gone over! This is so much fun!!!!


swooze said...

But it was fun wasn't it!?!?!

Jerri said...

I love your clothes! It looks like you are ready to go.

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