Thursday, June 14, 2007


A magazine ad has evolved into the real thing. The Wackies are going on a QUILTING CRUISE! We have talked of this many, many times. We all want to go---will it ever happen? We NEED to be able to leave from Galveston, as it will cost more if we have to fly to get to the place of departure. There it was, right in front of me, in McCalls Quilting Magazine. I told one other Wacky and she was not real supportive of the idea saying she did not think she had enough vacation from work to go. I let the idea leave my mind AFTER I called the sponsoring quilt shop for the details.
The next morning as I checked my email, I saw a message from our longest distance member, Charlotte, about a CRUISE! Yes, she had called about information the day before also. I responded, then there were 2 interested. Rhonda called me at work. "I want to go. If we are going to ever get to go, we should do it now." she said. I told her ,"We are not getting any younger and I would go and if she and I were the only ones, we would just DOIT. She SCREAMED in my ear. I told her it was OK, I could use the other one. Charlotte and a non-Wackie friend are interested. Rhonda called later saying that Charlotte and Patty were going. Then there were definatly four.
The following Monday: A quilting day at Annale's house. I did not get to go as our air-conditioner went out and I was waiting for the repair man. I did go for lunch with the group of 5 other Wackies. I relayed the message to them that I had had a message from Kathy E and she had decided to take the plunge and go. "It is on my list of things to do". She was excited and made me more excited. Now-5. We discussed the details and Annale, although having had a bad experience on a cruise related to weather, decided that she could not take a chance on missing anything----then there were six. Kathleen, another Wackie on the fence, says she would love to go, but is Claustrophobic. She is afraid that she will get out in the ocean and not be able to stand it. Never had that experience, but afraid. We convinced her that 99% of the things you are afraid of never happen. Now there are 7.
The next day, Rhonda is on the phone with the travel agent. Several calls and our calling each other back and forth a million times and it was finally done. Jerri was the last to commit, her first excuse being that she "might get lost on the ship". Hell, we ALL "might" get lost on the friggin ship! We will hold hands--and now there are 8. YES ---8! We could not be more excited! We are all like a bunch a little school girls going to camp. We are planning and I don't think the actual cruise could be any better than the anticipation. We leave the end of February and will be in the gulf for 7 days! Two to a room with an ocean view and a balcony. We're in hock up to our necks and loving every minute of it.
If you are going--I guess we will meet you there!


Kathy Wagner said...

Good for all of you...seize the moment! Carpe Diem! I look forward to all the cruise stories!

Jerri said...

Yea, we're going on a cruise. Molly, I see on your to do list a BOM for Jerri - Thimbleberries. It is Civil War AND you already gave me yours, remember?

Susan said...

Fabulous! It's still on my list of things to do . . . maybe someday. You will have a wonderful time, especially with 8 of your best buds!

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