Monday, June 25, 2007

Workin on a Cruisin Shirt

A member of my quilting group, "The Wacky Pac" , suggested we dress "loudly" for our upcoming cruise. We already have hats and today I attemped to decorate a shirt to go with it. We intend to take the ship by storm (no pun intended). As one member put it--We will never see these people again. LOL


I decided to start with a paperdoll figure of me for the bottom of the shirt. Here goes!!!!
A collar in a same fabric, a monogramed pocket, The new "Wacky Pac" emblem and some quilt blocks on the back and WA-LA!
"Wackies on the Move" will be embroidered under the emblem.------

"Wacky Pac Quilters" will be on the top back yoke---------(I think I need two more quilt blocks at the bottom--
I am not finished yet. I have to stitch every thing down and deal with the sleeves. I am thinking colored tabs with buttons as my fabric is limited. I will then add more embelishment. Possibly this button trim. Possibly the pink fluffy trim at the top. I am definatly out of my box with these colors. Did you hear that Wackies? OUTOFMYBOX! I will post the finished product at a later date. See ya!


Kathy said...

Molly, lookin' good girlfriend! I like what you have done. I'm still working on mine -- slow process as because of "time".

Jerri said...

Your shirt looks GREAT! Can't wait to sew the emblem (.sew), hint, hint. Gotta find my fabric. I see that I decorated my hat on a band so it is easy to remove.

Samantha said...

That is one fun shirt!

Rhonda said...

Your shirt looks like it's ready for curisin'!!!!!

Pam said...

I think it's a great shirt. I bet you will find lots of quilters coming out of the "woodwork" to talk to you while you're wearing that shirt - adding much fun to the cruise :))

Jerri said...

I am still looking for a denim shirt (preferably short sleeve). I had better find one quick or there won't be any. I plan on going to Woodlands, hopefully next week.

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