Thursday, June 21, 2007

"Ole Bag" blox--I finished 2

A couple of blocks made from "The Ole Bag Swap Bag". I have Rhonda's bag and it is BIG. There are some cool fabrics in it. I had to provide a larger bag as when I took all the scraps out, used some, I still could not get them all back in the bag. I love these little 6 inch blocks. They will be added to my Thimbleberry quilt blox collection. I have been collecting/making these blocks for quite some time. You can see the rest in a previous post. These 6 inch blox are so much fun to make. I have been making 2 1/2 inch components and then just putting them together to make different blocks. I hope I have time to make more from this bag before my time is up, but I have to get to workin on the Round Robin that I have been putting off. Thanks for looking!


swooze said...

How does your scrap bag swap thingy work?

jovaliquilts said...

Sounds like such a great idea! I love other people's scraps -- makes me think in a different way than my own scraps do.

Have a WONDERFUL time on your quilting cruise!


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