Sunday, May 13, 2007

A Stroll through my Flowering Yard for the Mother's Today!

I hope everyone's children and husbands remembered Mother's Day. Mother's do and are such special people. We are the caretakers, the cooks, the nurses, the taxi drivers, the house-keepers, the teachers, the wash women, the therapists, the friends, and the lovers to their families. We are the glue that holds our families together. We love for our families to appreciate us. Some do feel appreciated, some do not. It doesn't take much--truly just a hug and thank you would mean more that the most expensive gift, but they don't believe that.

Today was a great day for this Mother. I spent the day working in the yard and on the computer uploading pictures. This is what I wanted to do. This evening both my sons, my DDL and my grandson along with my DH took me to dinner. The service was bad, but the company was wonderful. My gift from my youngest son was my favorite cologn-"Happy" by Clinque. He had to shop early to get it as we cannot get it locally. No wrap, but that's OK. He was thinking about his MOM. The older son arranged for the dinner and another gift which all had a part in. A Troyblit Mini Tiller. This is not in the same catagory as an appiliance. I ask for it. I want to be able to do my own yard/garden work. This is a great tool. I am excited about getting it.

I am very lucky to have the family I have. I am loved very much.
It's hard to be the glue sometime. I wonder what would happen to them if I were not here tomorrow. I like to be needed, yet a good parenting job would be a mother who taught her children to be self-sufficient. As I type that sentence I realize that they are that--very much so. Thank you God for my family.

Check out my newly uploaded photo albums with links on my blog: One for my grandsons T-Ball and the Stroll Through My Flowering Yard is for all the mothers. Happy Mother's Day.


Rhonda said...

Great post, Molly. Thanks for sharing. Love you!

Kathy Wagner said...

I sure know exactly what you mean about being "the glue" of the family. It's a tough job sometimes but so rewarding at other times.
I looked at your flowers and am amazed that you can see all that beautiful colour! Many of the flowers I have never seen before!
We are still so excited here that we have daffodils and tulips blooming!

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