Saturday, May 19, 2007

Caden's Sunflower

I promised you that I would post the picture of Caden's Sunflower, well, here it its. He was so amazed when he saw it yesterday. It is a site to behold. These just came up as a result of his playing with the birdseed. He calls them his garden. and when he sees another plant coming up he asks, "Did I do that?" Kind of reminds me of Erkle--remember him? I have so enjoyed my yard this year. We have had plenty of rain and cool weather and everything is growing like crazy. We baled hay yesterday and the yeild is more than we have had in years. My DDIL raked and my son baled along with lots of other extended family helping. My husband was working. It kills him when he cannot be in the middle of things. I also get a picture of a hummer outside our kitchen window. Not as good as I had hoped. I'll try again later. The
birds are so agressive it is dangerous to sit on the patio. They will dive-bomb you.
Also, when I took all the pictures of my flowers, my pink Petunia basket was not b looming. It is now. and just beautiful. Here is it, just for you. Have a great weekend. See ya later!


Jeanne said...

That's one gorgeous sunflower! Your petunias are pretty, too. Thanks for sharing.

Kathy Wagner said...

Beautiful flowers...thanks for showing them to us!

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