Friday, April 27, 2007

Weight Watchers AGAIN!

I'vebeen a Weight Watchers Lifetime member for most of my life. I wish I had a nickel for all the times I have lost the same pounds. I need to lose about 20 pounds. This doesn't sound like alot, but when it's impossible (almost) believe me, it is alot. Today was a good day. I had no trouble staying on program (but the first day never is). I am thinking that this time might be different. For one reason, the online helps are fantastic. The Weight Watchers site not only includes a Points Tracker, but all the recipes and meals that you could possibly want. There is a recipe calculator where you can add your recipe and it will tell you how many points are in a serving. The manufacturers are in touch with the weight conscience also. More and more products are there to help. There are also many sites that cater to weight controlling. Tips and tricks are there--almost as many as for quilting! I will have to learn the points for all the foods, but I think that is the best plan. Foods are limited on the Core Plan which is the alternative method they offer you. I will eat plenty of veggies and try to stay away from lots of carbs and sweets. I know how-----------------
--------------just do it.
A Great Low Cal Dessert (and quick)
1 sheet of Graham Cracker (they also come in Gingerbread, Cinnamon, and Chocolate)
Spread 1/2 with 1 to 2 TBS. Lite Cool Whip (Also comes in French Vanilla, Strawberry and Chocolate flavors) and cover with the other half. Freeze and remove to ENJOY!. These are excellent and taste really close to an ice cream sandwich. This would also be great for a kids summer treat. A Weight Watchers treat. 1 1/2 to 2 points depending on how much Cool Whip you use.
Have a GREAT DAY--------


Rhonda said...

You can do it Molly...yes you can!

Rhonda said...

I hope to join in on the "fun" Wednesday.

Susan said...

When we went to the Uvalde quilt show in March, I saw those TX quilts. If only I'd known you then! =)

I know you can lose the weight, and keep it off, too. Trust me, when your hormones go it's 100X worse to trying losing it! Have you been to Spark People? Their site has encouraged a lot of people.

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