Tuesday, April 24, 2007

My FUN quilting companion

I know you all have met my "snowbunny" English Bulldog, LULU. She is not only my quilting companion, but my everything companion. She is MY dog. I am the one that she prefers to be around--do you get what I am trying to say? Yes, it is true. Sometime she drives me crazy following me around. One good thing is that sleeping is what she does best. The pic at left is the most recent of such a deep sleep. I was getting ready for work and heard her snoring LOUDLY! I stepped into the next room where she and was the this is what I saw. I went to the other part of the house to get my camera and she never moved or much less MOVED. I think you can tell, but, she is laying in a chair with her head on the arm. What a dog--we all should have such a life and she has---------------a DOGS LIFE.


Rhonda said...

That picture is priceless.

May Britt said...

I had to look twice before I saw the dog :) First I thought it was some wrinkley fabric laying there.

She is soooooo cute. Adorable.

Susan Freebery said...

I want that life! What a face she has - oh, my, post more photos!

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