Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Here is another quilt that I wanted to be finished with. I have 4 patches at the top and the bottom and wanted to call it quits.
Do you think I should put 4 patches on the sides also?
Add anything else?
These blocks are from an exchange and are all different sizes.
How about a name?
I will send a couple of fat quarters to the winner of the name-game.


Su Bee said...

What a great color combination - really jumps out. I like the way you set all those oddball sizes together, smaller to larger. Great job!

May Britt said...

Brown and blue is so pretty together. Giving names to quilts is very difficult.
But what about: Blue chocolate, Heavenly chocolate, Chocolat skyes.
I do not know why but I think chocolate when I see your quilt LOL

Nicole and Phil said...

great quilt, I would put the 4 patches along the sides as well!

swooze said...

Just because I like balance I would put 4 patches on the side as well. But if you don't need the width I think it would be purely optional.

Beth said...

Personally I'd call it quits....I have several quilts that have top and bottom borders without side borders....I like the variation.....Namewise....the first thing that hit me When I looked at the quilt was Blue Velvet Chocolate....or Velvety Blue Chocolate....The background marble fabric just looks like velvet....Good luck!!!

Kathy Wagner said...

I need to do some quilts like this...I have lots of blocks.
Thanks for the inspiration!
I like the names that Beth suggested...I think the brown fabric looks like velvet.

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