Sunday, April 15, 2007

Let me have your vote!

  1. I have not been happy with this quilt to the point that I have put off having it quilted. I do lack putting the small black border on top and bottom. Other than that I am through with it. I decided to ask for a little help from my blog friends. Now that I see it online, it doesn't look so bad. I want your input. Do you think I should:

    1. Just add the top and bottom black border and call it finished
  2. 2. Add another border (give me suggestions)
  3. 3. Add applique to the blank spots in the center.
  4. 4. Take it apart and start over (not happenin)
  5. 5. Another suggestion?
  6. 6. How about a name? Any thoughts?

I wish I had one of those little "vote" here boxes, but no "want to" this morning, so please just leave your answers as comments. Thanks Bloggers!

PS I can't get rid of the extra numbers, so just ignore them and if anyone can tell me how, PLEASE DO. I did not want to start over.


May Britt said...

It's beautiful, so please continue. I would add the black stripe on the top and bottom. Then I would add a wider border around the whole quilt. Looking forward to see what you decide to do.

Kathy Wagner said...

I think I would add in some appliqued stars (similar to the one below the hat) in the space between the mailbox and the map of Texas...maybe two stars, one above the other. Then maybe another two stars sewn side by side between the cactus and the horse. I think you would love it if those spaces were filled with a little something, because it is a great quilt...a story quilt.
Borders...I'd probably add the black border top and bottom, then a wider border...maybe a red and black print, and bind it with the black. about "Stars of Texas"?
Thanks for asking for was fun to think about!

swooze said...

I think add the top and bottom black border. THe quilting will really make it pop!

Nana's Quilts said...

I like may britt's thoughts. And by the time you add the borders and have it quilted, it will be terrific.

Kathy or Kathryn or Dana or .......... said...

I know it will be more work for you, but I like Kathy Wagner's ideas. Go for it girlfriend -- it'll be worth it!

Judy said...

This is a great quilt! I'd finish the black border and add an outside border. Kathy's red/black idea is a good one! Quilting makes a quilt sing - go for it!!

Mama Elephant said...

Molly, I have enjoyed watching this quilt grow. I have a new pattern that has the Texas Flag in an outline of the state. There are 12 differnet ones. Some of them might be good for corner blocks. You're welcome to them any time. It seems everyone has great ideas.

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