Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Freestone County Museum Donation Quilt

This quilt was made to raise money for Freestone County Museum. The signature blocks were sold to families and individuals. Information in the blocks range s from a simple name to so much information it barly fit in the block. The State of Texas center honors our county with a name and a star. The first 3 rows of blocks were reserved for the pioneers of our county. Anyone living in the county 1900 or before could be honored in this section. These blocks sold for $50 each. The solid inside border is a place where anyone living or has ever lived in the county can place a name for $10.00. The outside blocks are for anyone who has ever lived in the county and sold for $25.00. The quilt has at this time raised over $7000. Quite an accomplishment I have to say. The Wacky Pac Quilting Bee helped me make the blocks. They were paperpieced which made signatures/information easier to be recorded. The quilt will be taken to the quilter in a day or two and then will be hung at the museum's Grand Opening of an additional exhibit building. If you are ever in Fairfield, Freestone County, COME TO THE MUSEUM.


Kathy or Kathryn or Dana or .......... said...

Awesome Job Molly!!!!

Kathy Wagner said...

What a successful project!
Great job!

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