Wednesday, January 4, 2012


My machine embroidery skills are much lacking.  I have often thought that I enjoy collecting designs more that I enjoy the act of embroidery.  I have done some with some success, but some fabrics and specific placement have been the elusive butterfly that "gets my goat".  This week I decided to "try again" to embroidery on baby knit as a shower is fast approaching.  My test was on a romper that I had previously been unsuccessful on and had promptly put it back in my "blanks" box.  I don't know why but probably just so I could say I had done "something".  This time will be different.  I sandwiched it between two pieces of water soluable stabelizer and placed it in the smallest hoop I have.  I had to flip the design because of placement on the right side.

                                As you can see, it was a success.  I was shocked and amazed!
                                            The new baby will be named Mason. 
                              His Mom's shower gift includes a bib too.  Read to be wrapped.

I decided to try my luck on a towel.  This time I only put the water soluable film on the top and a medium tear away on the bottom.

 Lookin pretty good!
Shoulda pressed out the hoop mark, but couldn't wait to see how it would look on my western towel rack. 

More experimenting is in my future.  I plan to try different techniques until I get familiar with what will work for me.  It's about time!  I also am writing down what does and doesn' t work so that I can refresh my memory between emboidery sessions.  That's say, huh!!  More later--


Kathy said...

Those are adorable. Makes me wish I had gotten the machine with the embroidary attachment.

Barbara Sindlinger said...

What I get amazed at in machine embroidery is the designs that require multiple hoops. i am still machine embroidery positionally challenged. Glad for your success.

Needled Mom said...

Those are adorable.

Pat said...

Our church was given a Bernina machine that does embroidery, too, and I have been asked to figure it out. I've not had too much luck yet, but I need to try harder to figure it out. I think it's not knowing about all these stabilizers and what I need to buy to TRY the machine that is making me not even WANT to try!!!

Rhonda said...

Looking good Molly. I need to try a towel... been afraid but you have inspired me.

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