Tuesday, September 6, 2011


I am still behind, girls, but trying to keep my head above water.  Things are slightly better here at Fryer Ranch, but we are in the worst drought ever.  The last two days, wild fires have run rampant.  We are lucky that we were not hit, but surrounding lands and homes were destroyed.  Every available male person has been fighting fires (I am sure some women too).  The wind blew up to 30 miles a hour which moved the flames quickly.  For now, things are better, but until we get some rain, we are still in danger of fires.
My Boot Bash #9 is designed, but the stitching is not finished.  But as with last month, I am posting the pattern anyway and the pic of mine as is with the intent to update with the finished one soon.  You girls know what to do.  Mine is just a starter for you.  You are to "make it your own" using your own choices of fabrics, stitches and additions.  Don't forget the Flickr group if you feel like sharing.  You inspire others in their work when you do share.  The link is on the sidebar under the pattern links.

My family situation is a little better.  The little boys are home for now.  Keep up the prayers, please.



Huskerbabe said...

I love this boot! I'm glad the family situation is improving. Praying for rain to quench those fires!!

Barbara said...

Wish I could send some of the rain we're getting on the east coast. BTW, the link for boot #9 doesn't work.

Jen said...

I'm sending positive and healing thoughts to you and yours. Thanks for another great boot.

Denise :) said...

Just checking in -- hope you're doing okay. Hugs! :)

Cathi said...

Hope things are on the right track for you. Looking forward to Boot Bash 10

Anonymous said...

I love the boots! I have all of them ready--just waiting for the last one and I can put my quilt together. Keep up the neat posts.
Carolyn Stafford

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