Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Yesterday was a Beautiful and Successful Day--Even if I Had to Clean the Bathroom!

Sid had to bring a baby calf home because his mother could not feed him.  A couple of days in the barn and he was ready to come out into the sunshine.  The back yard was a perfect place to be where I could keep as eye on him.  As it worked out, I didn't have to , as that job was taken care of by my LULU.  When I let her outside, she went straight to his side and didn't leave it all afternoon.  I have named the calf Waldo as he hides in the bushes and if you don't know where he is, you have a hard time finding him.
 She sniffed--
 She sat with---
 she protected---
 She played with---------------Waldo.

While she took care of that job, I played "catch-up with Barbara Brackman.  I WAS behind by several weeks and now only lack two being back on track.  See my results below.  I did not make all yesterday.  Only the last two.

 Not real happy with the center of this one, but may make it over, or maybe not!  lol

Not thrilled with my fabric choices here, but there again--want to get caught up before I decide to make it over.  I think maybe it would have been better if the pinks were swapped...........pondering
 This one was a bit of a challenge, but then I love a good challenge.  I always cut the triangles bigger and trim down and I didn't make these big enough the first time.  More about this problem at the end of the post.
 This one was simple enough, but as I was looking thru others blocks on the Flickr group, I noticed that most of the pinwheels were light and the backgrounds were dark.  I chose to do my opposite. 
Let me tell you that I have considered doing tutorials for these blocks, but I found a blogger who is doing such a fantastic job that I don't think I could add anything-----except my oversizing trick.  As  you can see this works well and then you trim down to the exact size, in this case 8 1/2.  You can always trim down, but you cannot "grow" fabric.  BTW--find all the tutorials at American Homestead.  Click on Civil War on her right sidebar. 

 Basket block is next  Hope I can get two blocks done before Sunday--At least I will be able to say that I am caught up for a week at least.
Doctor with Sid tomorrow and Waco Quilt Show on Friday.  See all you soon with progress and fun!!



Das Quiltmonster said...

I too love the tutorial on Americanhomestead!! And I wish all the very best for "little" Waldo!
Greetings from Germany!!

Gari said...

Lulu and Waldo look so cute together. Is Waldo going to be around for long? I really love baby animals, and big ones, too.

Anonymous said...

I am *so* far behind! I think I'm only up to 18 or 19. You did a great job of catch-up. I need to devote a day to that, but it seems that buying a house , or trying to, takes all my time lately! Your blocks look terrific.

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