Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Tyler Quilt Show Fun!!

East Texas Quilt Guild was lucky enough to have the WACKY 6 PACK QUILTERS visit their quilt show in Tyler Texas! 

 This young lady greeted us as we walked through the door!
 Not alot of time so ---I will post a few of the beautiful quilts for your daily quilty enjoyment!  I want you to get your fix for the day.

 Close up of the center--

 The next quilts are from an antique quilt show that was presented.  My favorite part!

 Every girl bought a beautiful basket made from elephant grass in Ghana, Africa.  Beautiful?  YES!  but also they help provide milk for needy families.  I now have 3 of them.  Look for them at your favorite quilt show.
 On the way home we stopped by a junk place to look for goodies.  We didn't buy one thing!  I think we were too full of Margaritas and Mexican food from Mercados!  Yes, we did have fun. 
Boot Bash Block of the Month in a few days--Get all your other projects finished so you will be ready to start~


Love Bears All Things said...

Looks like a fun day but I bet the best part was the company.
Mama Bear

Wonky Girl said...

Was happy to see you shared a photo of a string quilt. I love string quilts.

Anonymous said...

Old and new, I loved those quilts! Our taste must be similar. How much fun is that to go with a group of six. I only go with one bestie, but I think group could be great.

Madame Samm said...

molly I do not have access to my pc at home...just from my iphone.,( away this weekend)_ there was not supposed to be anybody this weekend...sorry about that..I think your post must have been scheduled months ago for this day..well you were certainly a good thing...I wish I had known to give you notice...someone called me to ask me why I was samm

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