Thursday, January 13, 2011


Have sew sew enjoyed the BOM and BOW that I have committed to (besides my own ;0)
Just showin off a bit--HEY-it's allowed!  After all this is MY blog, ya know.

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Just a thought to ponder--I am wondering why I love BOM'S.  I have decided it is because I can't get overwhelmed.  I have a week or a month to do ONE BLOCK.  Just ONE BLOCK.  I can't do more as I don't even have the pattern yet--sew--anyone can do ONE BLOCK, right?  Right!  Making a quilt one block at a time. 

Remember, no bitchin--only stitchin~


Scrappy quilter said...

Love the blocks. I'm thinking I'll probably do the civil war one as well. Are you using any material or 1800's civil war production fabric?

Tonya said...

I too, love BOM' your blocks, they look great.

Jen said...

I just got my Repro fabric in today!! I'm too happy to touch it yet. I love the squirrel! I think yours came out fantastic. You have the perfect fabric to work with that! I printed out the block just in case, but I'm not sure if I'm going to tackle it.

I think I love BOMs because they always look fabulous in the end. I mean, you spend a whole month on that block, it should! Also, I hate cutting. So cutting out one block at a time is perfect for me! Goes well with my Slow Poke Quilter mentality!

9patchnurse said...

Love them, especially the bunny.

ewespecial said...

I love your boot! also, love the trees--have almost finished all of them & beginning to work on the Jan boot!
yes, BOM allows us to take small bites at a time--just as long as we don't try to do tooooooooo many BOMS!
Thanks for sharing!!

cookie said...

the blocks are so pretty. BOMs are fantasic. I love them, a Block a month is no problem but many BOMs accumulate to a lot of Blocks and the real trouble is making all those lovely blocks into quilts. You are such a temptress. I really did not want to get into any more. lol.


mjnauert said...

I used to be a bom snob. I wouldn't DARE do a quilt in a box. I have done a few (in my closet), drank the cool-aid, and am happy to say that I am beginning to see the light of the sane people.

Betweens said...

Molly Fabulous job on your BOM love them you sure do have some great fabric and great music too...

Gari said...

I am so jealous. With all that has been going on here, I haven't been able to get to Henrietta yet. But she is at the top of my to do list when I finally can get back to the studio.

jackiero said...

I relate....yep, totally relate! I am a BOMite!
While I love the look of a quilt with oodles of repeat patterns, when I make the same block over repeatedly I get bored & find myself daydreaming...which leads to boo-boo's.
Here's to us, the BOMites :D

Kim said...

And it is broken down into small steps for we don't have to plan too much.....this is the same reason I like mysteries.... like Bonnie Hunter's

Keep up the good work.....I've got to start Henrietta since my husbands name is Henry ;0).

Happy sewing

Betty C said...

Your Squirrel block is pretty. I am working on that bom also!

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