Saturday, October 9, 2010

Tree Time Report


Now for Tree Time Update!
I have finished stitching my October Tree Time.  If you have started your, GOOD FOR YOU!!!  I hope your having a stitchin good time. 

 The Closed Herringbone Stitch worked out nicely.  I ended up using 6 strands of embroidery threat and the leaves filled up nicely.  The I used a regular Herringbone Stitche for the edge of the tree.  I like the texture that it created. 
 I added a few touches of gold at the bottom of the tree to resemble fallen leaves.  I hope you can tell in the picture below the way I stitched them.  I will add a bird in a next button later or at least that is my plan at the moment.  The star?  Right now, non existant.  It is illusive and might appear a little later.

Might add a pumpkin with a star?   Now THAT'S AN IDEA!!  (who said that??? LOL)

I'll be back---------------------


Tonya said...

a pumpkin sounds lovely, i should have thought of

Madame Samm said...

this is amazing Molly. love to have you as a guest blogger at Stash Manicure if interested...blessings msamm

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