Thursday, July 1, 2010


Ready for a litte Tree Time??  Block 7 is up and ready for download.  See the link along with links for each block on the right sidebar.  Block 7 is just as easy as the other blocks, but takes a little longer because of the leaves.  I have numbered the leaves on the pattern in case you use a fusible and want to know exactly which leaf goes where.  If you don't trace the leaves on your background, it won't matter which leaf goes where.  You can just cut them out freehand and place them on your background.  There I go trying to make EVERYBODY happy.  To each his own, as they say.  Another option that you have with this block is which leaves to applique and which ones to embroidery.  It would lend itself to complete embroidery if you so desire.  The groundwork could be a multitude of stitches.  Even some neat, different stitches.  The instruction sheet says "Running Stitch", but if you are feeling good, try something a little different to expand your horizons!  Sounds good, huh?  If your stitch will not be a solid stitch, then you need to stitch freehand or use a marking method where marking can be removed easily.  I ended up with a stitch call TURKEY WORK.  I really enjoyed learning it.  It starts off the same as a running stitch but you let your thread swing on one side and then the other. 
Another little problem I want to discuss with you is "puckering".  I don't use a hoop and I love using a lightweight interfacing/stableizer on the back.  It gives my embroidery some body and hides my threads from showing through-----BUT--I am still having a pucker problem.  Some say that when you iron on the stabelizer that you should not use a hot iron or steam as it causes the stabelizer to shrink.  This might be my problem.  But this time I could not make anything work.  I decided to use a 505 spray to attach a regular (non stick) stabelizer.  I still had some puckering, but I clipped between my stitches to release the tension where the stableizer pulled the piece together.  I also trimmed the stableizer all the way around fairly close to my stitching. 

Hey, what can I say--my back is messy!!  HEY--My front is not--!
It's kinda like your living room being picked up and straight and your closet--uuhh--BAD!!
Like--"Don't open the door bad!!  I can't believe I showed it to you!

I have a video for a Stem Stitch.  It's my first and at the beginning you can hear my dryer running.  I am going to post it anyway!  LOL  So be looking for that and  I will search for a diagram or a video for the Turkey Work.  I want you to try it!  ENJOY!!



Vicki said...

Another lovely block Molly :) Thank you so much and I liked your video and was wondering what the noise was at the made me laugh and is a lesson learnt..have everything quiet LOL.
hugs Vicki

Clo de Suisse said...

Thanks so much for this new block et tanks too for the Video !!

Di said...

Love your work.

Tonya's Sewing Room said...

love it........will start right away....

Susan said...


I am no expert here - but with the embroidery & puckering problems - have you tried maybe just tacking the stabilizer to the background and sewing it that way?? - or you can use a very thin wadding (we call it pellon in Australia though that is stictly speaking a brand name) and sewing thru it - it gives a lovely quilted look that way - anyway just a thought!

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