Friday, June 25, 2010


I just thought I would report.  My son's mother in law is gravly ill so needless to say, my time has been otherwise occupied.  I will show you this block.  This is a hand appliques version of the TDA block that has already been sent in to the contest.  I had some problems with puckering and had decided to make another block in hand applique for the contest.  Time got the best of me and had to go ahead and send in the machine appliqued one.  Oh Well, will finish this one anyway, just to see how it would have turned out.  I am not finished, but "just reporting" on a current project.

I had a nice surprise in the mailbox!

With the sweetest note from RHONDA!

I opened the lovely package and began to unfold a strip.  You see, we are doing a Row by Row Exchange.  Do you remember?  We each did our first row and then each participant makes the owner a row to go with it in  her choice of style and color.
I am unfolding the strip
OHMYGOSH!  So excited to get a strip from Rhonda.  I know her style and talent and

There are no words!  This is just fantastic..  The details incredible!  Let me show some details!

This is my BullDog, Lulu!  and she is after a racoon!  She really did kill a possum, did you know that?  I will have to tell you THAT story sometimes.

This is our Red Heeler, Spud, barking at a cow.  Look at that tree.  I love the fabric she picked for the bark and wait until you see her other choices.
Look at this MF tractor hauling a bale of hay to the cows!!!!

And lastly, another tree and a cow and bull-- 
Rhonda, let me say that I could not love it more.  You are one of the most talented quilters I have ever known.  So much thought and work went into this block, I am overwhelmed with it all.  Thanks, my friend.  Your row is in my thoughts and will soon be on fabric.  I love you.

It's time for Tree Time.  I am a little behind but am going to give you a little preview to keep you interested.  I think it is a good one.  It may not be up by the first, but if not, just a couple of days late.  Stay with me now.  BTW--I sew want to thank you all for your such sweet comments telling me that you are enjoying TREE TIME.  I have loved doing them and want you to also.   Here is the block "unstitched".  I will be back in a flash with the cash (finished block), so be patient!
How do you like it?



Rhonda said...

Hi Molly, so happy the package reached you unharmed and that you love it. I did have fun making it and couldn't believe that I got-her-done before take care and don't worry about anything.

SheilaC said...

wOw! The detail on that farm quilt row is amazing!! I love that it was personalized just for you :)

Loving the latest tree, thank you!


Vicki said...

That farm quilt is amazing and I like your newest block for the Tree Time. It wont matter if you are a bit late as long as you are ok that is all that matters :) hugs Vicki

Tonya's Sewing Room said...

wow that strip from Rhonda....that is terrific....i love your block as well, i hope you win. and oh la la that tree time is looking yummy.....can't wait!!

Pat said...

Sorry to hear about your son's mother-in-law. What a GREAT gift from Rhonda. She is one amazingly talented gal...that's for sure!

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