Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Mom's Christmas Ornaments and BOM Thoughts.

I have so much I want to post about--I should post more often instead of trying to put it all in one post, but here goes anyway.  The following pictures are Christmas ornaments made by my mother.  As most of you know, she is now 83 years old and has Alzheimers.  She has always made Christmas special for my sister and I.  My dad grew up very poor and never had much Christmas, so she had to basically teach him the joys of Christmas too.  These are homemade ornaments that she made in the 1980s.  She made enough for everyone in the family to have a set. 

This is an angel ornament that belonged to a set that decorated our tree as long as I can remember.  The head is china and the body and wings are wire stretched with a sheer see through fabric like batist.  The arms are pipe cleaner like with a bead on the end.

              This is a Victorian style crazy quilt stocking with hand embroidery.

This Old World Santa quilt measures approximately 16 x 16 inches and is machine applique.  It also was made in the 1980s.

This is a book that my mom got for Christmas as a child.  It is a shaped book about 6 x 6 inches.  Inside is a poem intitled Annie and Willie's Prayer.
You can go here to hear the poem.  Mom read this poem to us each Christmas until she got sick.

I am still in dilema about a block of the month for 2010.  I have tried three and am not happy with any of them.
Of course you have seen the Texas Boot BOM for January.  I still have not done enough embroidery on it.

This is the pattern for February in the drafting stage.  Just a sneak peek of possibly nothing! LOL

This is a BOM that I worked on at the end of last year.  The trouble with it is the pattern is drafted where you make two blocks at a time and if you did n't make all the blocks alike, you would only be able to use 1/2 your blocks in one quilt but have enough for one to give a way as a gift!  I am thinking that each month you would use holiday or season appropriate fabrics.

Two of my test blocks-----I wanted to use wool for the contents of the baskets as it is so easy to work with and looks so dimensional.

An angel pattern that could easily be adapted to themes for a BOM with the clothes being different each month and the item she is holding being different.

Then there is my Christmas Tree idea.  I embroidered this tree.  I thought if I embroidered a different tree each month (color, shape, size, decorations different), it would make a fun BOM and then the following December you would have blocks for a new Christmas Quilt.

This is a drafted pattern for another month's tree.

I guess you can see why I am so confused about a BOM.  If you see anything you think is BOM worthy, please say so.  I may just post patterns as I think someone would like to have them for free and then ask if you take them to please leave a comment and post on your blog so that I can see them.  That would be fun.  Thanks for listening to me ramble. 



JustCindy said...

Molly, all of your BOM ideas are good ones. Being a TX gal, I would do the boot BOM. Aw shucks, ma'am, even if I wasn't from TX I would do the boot one. I liked the idea of making 2 blocks at time, one for me and one for a friend. Then when I got to the angel I really sat up and paid attention. However, you weren't done teasing me, you showed 2 of the cutest trees. Mrs. Molly, I need a BOM to do in 2010.

blushing rose said...

How sweet the ornies of Mother's & the memories that are shared with them.

TTFN ~ Marydon
PS Visit me at our new blog ~

Rhonda said...

Oh Molly what great tree decos from your Mom.

Pat said...

I love the things you showed us from your mom. As for the BOM, I am clueless as I'm not particularly creative.....I need to get ideas from others. I know that's no help to you,'s the truth! I'm sure you will settle on something very nice, though.

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