Friday, November 13, 2009

What's Up, Anyway!!

An update on progress. --Last weekend was a quilting weekend where I gathered with friends and sewed until my shoulders ached more than usual!!  My sides also ached from laughing so hard.  You've been there--you know what I mean!!
My antique reproduction quilt blocks got put together and a Flying Geese border put on.  I got into the mode of making Flying Geese and just went with it.  I was chugging along really good and decided to put some together and see how many more I needed.  Guess what?  I had enough for all 4 sides with some left over--how may more, you ask?   76 MORE!!  This cannot be! (Yes, this is one reason for the laughing). Yes, I will be adding more flying Geese to this quilt simply because they are made!!  Have you ever done this before? 
Here is the quilt as it is on my design wall awaiting a little more designing.  The corners must be made and attached.  I am thinking of adding some more stars to the corners or plain ones to show off some fantastic quilting, but definately more Flying Geese.  DEFINATELY!

Another accomplishment is a pincushion caddy.  Darling, huh?  My friend, Kathy and I each made one of these, hers completely different from mine using brighter fabrics.  Go over to Humble Quilter and hopefully talk her into showing it to you!

I am baby sitting today, but at naptime, I started my November Bunny Hill, A Tiskit, A Tasket block.  I love getting along this far with block because then "The Stitching Begins".  Love, Love, Love that part!  Better Go,  the baby is awake and needs his lunch.  More from the retreat later into the weekend.  This is just a preview.



quiltingnana said...

I love flying geese myself so often use them..
the pin cushion/caddy is cute!

Pat said...

What fun things you showed us today. I did have to laugh at how many extra flying geese you made! (You should stop by my blog and catch up on my posts about what I bought at our retreat in the Amish area of PA.)

Betweens said...

Molly good to see you are so productive love the repo quilt and your pincushion.. your basket hand is very unique on your BH BOM...thanks for the show!!

searchfamilies said...

Love the flying geese & the pincushion is really nice as well
Hugs Janice

Rhonda said...

The picture doesn't to that antique quilt top justice. It is really a beautiful piece.

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