Saturday, September 5, 2009


SUNBONNET SUE SUNDAY COMES ROUND REALLY OFTEN. Honestly, I am not ready for it this month. My play is to combine SSS with the results of a day in my sewing room yesterday. First things first--The month of SEPTEMBER! Oh course, we all know the month means--------------------School Days. Mom's block combines SSS and Mary of the Little Lamb story. Oh course, Mary was headed to school, so look closely because you don't really know if this is Sue or Mary, or maybe it's Mary Sue. She has her little lamb following her to school, just as the poem describes. How do I know she is headed to school? Because she is carrying her slate board. The youngest readers may not know that before paper, students used a slate board. On it you could write and erase and write again --similar to a chalf board, only the slate pencil was more like a pencil.
Mary Sue is wearing her new dress that Mama made especially for her first day at school and her pantaloons are showing just enough at the edge of her skirt. She got up extra early to button her high button shoes with the shoe hook that she got in her Christmas stocking.
A leisurely walk to school watching the birds and bunnies and picking up your best friend, Jane on the way, make September 1st the best day ever.
We all know that first days of school in September are long gone, but September is still thought of as the "Going to School" month.

Sunbonnet Sue Sunday will continue through December, 2009


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Pat said...

Sue looks really cute in her new school frock!!!

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