Thursday, September 24, 2009

Bunny Hill Block of the Month #9

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Once again, Anne Sutton of Bunny Hill Designs has provided us a wonderful block to work with. I picked out my fabrics and got them basted to the background fabric and then could not find the time to work on it as I was not happy with the fabric choices (I know that now). I problem was that my basket fabric choice and my dog fabric choice do not contrast enough. I decided to try a light colored thread to set off the dog. I am not sure I am happy with the result.
But here it is and if you want to see more of my notes on this block, go to Also see all the many other blocks there. If you would like to start these blocks, it is not too late. See the button on my sidebar.


Rhonda said...

Great job Molly. I love your color choices!!!

Pat said...

I think the light thread color did the trick. I can see how without that, the dog would have blended in with the fabric used for the basket. It looks lovely now!

Debi said...

Very pretty Molly, love the fabrics.

aussiequilter said...

hi Molly-great to see you back posting again!You certainly have bee busy cheers Teri from Down Under

Quilter Kathy said...

What a lovely block! I really like the look of the blanket (or is it called buttonhole?) stitch on the edges.

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