Thursday, August 27, 2009

OK--here is the story as it actually happened. I have this Wacky Friend whose blog you can find HERE. She gave me a heads up on an opportunity to be a block tester for one famous quilter, namely, Marsha McCloskey, of Feathered Star fame. I have made one feathered Star quilt. This one--all the stars are from Marsha's early book. I discovered when making these stars just how important 1/4 seams are. I discovered that if a perfect 1/4 seam is accomplished that blocks fit together without alot of effort. I learned Marsha's method of bias strip half squares all about partial seams. I guess I am saying that this quilt really was a turning point in my quilting career, if you can call it a career (right!).

I decided to email Marsha, just to take a chance that Icould get in as a block tester for her new book, called FEATHERED STAR QUILT BLOCKS that are REALLY HARD AND TAKE A LONG TIME TO MAKE. She ask me if I wanted easy, average, or extremely difficult--you will never guess what I said!! I said, "I am sending you a pic of my feathered star quilt and I think I can make any block that you can throw at me!" Did you read what I said, ------can you believe this?????------ I panicked!! What in the hell was I thinking? Anything she could throw at me? Marsha McCloskey is the Feathered Star Queen!!! She makes stars inside stars inside stars, using tiny, itsy, bitsy half-squares. Please tell me I did NOT say this!!!! I called my friend, Kathy and cursed the day she was born telling her that she had gotten me into this and she was going to have to get me out!!! She laughed, as she always does, and told me that she had complete confidense in me and that I could do it! What the hell is SHE thinking now, to say such a thing to me! It doesn't matter, I think. I have to do it as I have already "POPPED OFF" (which seems to be a habit with me lately).
Our upcoming Wacky Retreat was a perfect opportunity to "get her done". I received the pattern and instruction just in time to take with me. The first thing I noticed were very very many 1/16th measurements. OHMYGOSH--my rulers only have 1/16th marks on the outside edge. I decided to go ahead and rotary cut the pieces and use the provided templates to make sure they were the right size and shape. This proved to work really well. After much muttering 9/16s over and over many many times-----------
The block began to take shape. Of course this was the second day and then-------------suddenly--------------------------- it became a block.

Nothing makes me feel better than a quilting challenge accomplished.

And I did it without the ruler that Marsha is selling especially for use to make her blocks in her new book. YYEEAAA! I love it! The next time you see this block will be in my Wacky quilt mixed among my Red White and Blue Block Swap blocks. Thanks for reading my little story and I hope you take some quilting chances really really soon.



Pat said...

I tend to agree with Kathy that you can do ANYTHING in the world of quilting!!! Great job, Molly!!! (Martha is lucky to have someone like you doing her testing.)

OsageBluffquilter said...

That block is awesome! My colors too!

Kathy said...

SEE! I told you that you could do it. Girl, you can do anything. Your are my hero!!!

Rhonda said...

No worries Molly. I knew you could do it! You go girl!

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