Sunday, August 2, 2009


It's Sunbonnet Sue Sunday time and I am just now beginning my post. No research ahead of time, no previous thoughts as to what I will include----oh boy--well--first the result of a quick search was successful in finding a pattern that I don't think I have seen before. I don't remember as well as I use to, but if I have included it, I apologize ahead of time. The pattern for the block at left is HERE. I love the Holly Hobby look of this one. This pattern did not evolve as a quilt pattern, but a cover for a yearbook. A quilter patterned it (of course!) and posted it for all us Sue lovers. How wonderful quilters are. We all share our sh----- stuff!
These two are so dimentional!! Look closely at the embroidery floss hair, real dried flowers, lacey undergarment and who knows what the boots/shoes are but doesn't look like just fabric! the folds in the fabric for the apron, buttons on the jacket, maybe wire on the basket. Ok on to more`-`-`-`-`!

Go to the Sunbonnet Sue Blog to find some really neat history, patterns and quilts. You can stay here for a-w-h-i-l-e. The author is a collector of articles pertaining to Sunbonnet Sue and she buys and then researches the items. She has bought penny squares from Ebay and then found the exact picture it came from. This site is a MUST.
I wanted to post new pictures of all of Mom's blocks that I have shown you in previous posts. I have a new camera and I took new photos and thought you would be able to see more detail with new pics. But Blogger is not cooperating with me today. I am not able to move the pictures down to the bottom of the post as I have always been able to do. Maybe it is a glitch that will be fixed soon. I will post Mom's August Block--------

It's a warm Sunday in August and Sue's beau walked her home from Church. As they visit in the yard, he offers to give her a push in the swing. He pushes her high until she could touch the branches of the tree. Her beautifully embroidered bonnet shields the sun from her face, but her ringlets blow from underneath the back of it. Is it proper for an eyelet petticoat to peek out from a lady's skirt? It doesn't matter today! Sue is having too much fun!
Next Month Hopefully I can repost all the blocks thus far so that you can better see them. Until then--Happy SunBonnet Sue Sunday and Have a great AUGUST!!!



Pat said...

Love what you posted for us today! Thanks.....

Kaye said...

I Love all the different versions of Sunbonnet Sue. With my 405 off coupon I recently bought The Ultimate Sunbonnet Sue collection. It has 24 different Quilt Blocks. Its awesomeeadieteo

Kaye said...

oops 40% off coupon at Joannes

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