Saturday, July 4, 2009


Well girls, better late than never, I always say. Sunbonnet Sue Sunday #17 is about 2 months late. SSS #16 was short and sweet and that was in May. I skipped June all together, but am making up for lost time now in July.

If you remember, this is the magazine that my mothers SSS of the month quilt came out of. She changed up the blocks to some extend and "did her own thing". Now I know where I get that gene! LOL As promised, I will show the completed quilt at the end of the year after I have shown you the entire 12 blocks one at a time in the appropriate month. Yes, I did skip two months and you will see 3 months worth in this post.

May depicts two Sues carrying their Maypole.

June is a Sue Bride. So simple and sweet is she. I started to crop these pics then decided not to as you might want to see my mother's beautiful hand quilting.

This Sue is wishing you a wonderful 4th of July. Flag and Fireworks in Red, White, and Blue--How Patriotic she is. When I think of the flag stealing and burning that is happening these days, I am sickened. Our country is so special--so wonderful--so undeserving of such treatment. Who would do such a thing.!! Certainly not Sue!!! ON TO SSS!

Remember my trip to Round Top Texas where I found a lady with many many vintage patterns she was willing to part with as a group. She gave me a really good deal and I have not shared any of them as I have not had time to figure out the best way to do that? Well, this is one of them. Tea Towel Applique. Aren't they precious?

A PDF file for this precious pair is available HERE. I think this is fairly new. I don't remember seeing this one at ABOUT.COM before. HERE is the link to a quilt made with these patterns. Visit ABOUT. COM for ohhhh sooooo many great patterns.
Visit Quilted Cats to see Janet Wickell's complete quilt. It is fantastic!! I love the color choices.

I want to end with a link to Pat's Place. Pat is a Texas Panhandle girl and has a special Sunbonnet Sue story of a quilt that her great grandmother (I believe) made. It seems there was some playing on the quilt by Pat. I will let her explain. Go see PAT as soon as you leave here. I did not tell her I was linking to her post, so please comment to her and tell her where you found her blog. I would appreciate that.
Sue's Tree House also continues to provide Sue's for us HERE.

I hope you have enjoyed this Sunbonnet Sue Sunday post. I promise to try to do better in upcoming months and not let you down. My only sister has been dianosed with Breast Cancer. She has had surgery and will start her Chemo and Radiation soon. Please keep her in your prayers. Her name is Brenda. She is so special to me. She has been very tramatized by this whole ordeal. I am trying to keep her spirits up and take sole responsibility of my mother with Alzhimers. Bren is able to help me some and her husband also, but when the treatments start, it may be a different story. Hang with me please and know that I will be with you when I can. All my love to my dedicated blogging friends. You mean alot to me even though you are virtual friends. You are amazing.




Betweens said...

Molly family comes first and your plate seems full obligation to blogging is not essential we have abilities to follow you when you blog only when you can.. no stress girl you have enough.
Thanks for the SBS tour it was lovely!!I have the mag that your mom made her gorgeous quilt day I will get there..

Hugs to you and your sister and MOM... post when you can and when you are able to ..we are here.

Pat said...

You know I have been praying for Brenda and will continue to do so. It's okay if you can only blog occasionally...we do understand. You put together a really fun post here today...that's for sure. Loved the blocks and quilts you showed and did go over to Pat's blog and commented. The days-of-the-week Sue pattern you got is adorable!!!

Beth said...

We will SURELY understand that family needs to come first! We will still be here when you have time...and when you need us!

Susannah said...

Hi Molly.....your Mom and your sister need you. Don't worry about the blogging world now. We will be here when you can blog. My thoughts and prayers continue to be with you and your family.


Debi said...

I just love your Sues, they look wonderful.

Evelyn said...

woohoo! Sunbonnet Sue Sunday is back!! So adorable, especially the bride's little pink slippers.

Quilt Nut said...

just a note, the Sunbonnet Sue quilt from Quilted cats isn't Linda's quilt

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