Saturday, April 18, 2009

Round Top Antique Show Purchases

HEY COWGIRLS I promised to show you my purchases from Round Top, Texas Antique Show--I had a guy out to help me get my door in place and a shelf on my table. Yes, I bought a table to use as a kitchen island. I bought one last time we went, but this one is better !!!
Here is the door installed. My kitchen still needs so much remodeling, but I am working on it. The decisions are the hardest. The walls are the original wallpaper from over 25 years ago. It is still in perfect shape, just outdated slightly LOL. Do you have any ideas for me?
As usual LULU is im the middle of things. The tater and onion bin was made by my son while he was in highschool. One of my favorite things!

The island is very old, from China and has no nails in--all pegs. I love it because it is rustic wood and shorter than my other one. The ends are long to hand my pots and the shelf gives a place for big pots.

This a darling rain guage that my sister bought me for my birthday in May. I put it in my garden to that I cannot only measure the rain, but when I water also. Speaking of rain, it is beginning to rain right now. I love rain!! The sound-- the smell. You can almost feel the earth soaking it up. The tanks fill, the creeks begin to run, the lakes become clear and the fish jump for joy!! I can't wait to see how much it rained!!! With my new guage!!!!
I found an old washing tub pair . I wanted to use it in my potting shed to mix my potting soil. The tubs have holes in the bottom so that they drain. I want thinking that I could set the newly potted plants in the opposite side and wash them off and the with the hole the water would drain right out. and if water got in the soil, it could also drain. We looked at several and there was always a problem. The tubs were not original, the bottoms were flimsy. They Bren decided she wanted one too. To make a long story short, we both bought one and I am still going to get the pictures from her so you can see the Clampetts coming home from Round Top. It was histyrical. We stopped at a historic cemetery of Sam Houston's wife on the was home. It was in the middle of a residential district. As I was pulling over, I said to Bren--the woman in that house over there is saying to her husband, "Honey, the Clampetts are visiting the cemetery!" Well, there was no bathroom around--I have one word for you---PANTY LINERS!!! We did have so much fun. You must go with us next year!!



Pat said...

I love the things you bought and the rain gauge is such a cute one! Lulu is really a piece of work, isn't she??? I can't wait for the picture of you two Beverly Hillbillies!!! :)

Kathy said...

I LOVE the door! It is just too cute! And the new kitchen island; I liked the other one, but you are right -- this one looks great. Your wash tubs are too cute and that little rain gauge -- Brenda did GOOD and you did too!

W. Latane Barton said...

If I could, I wouldn't miss it next year for the world. But, you girls have enough fun for me, too.

Carlotta said...

You have the coolest country house. And I can never get enough of LULU. I want a dog like that so bad, but I have terrible allergies. I call them Jake and the Fat Man dogs. Haha. Do you remember that show?
~Tootles for now!

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