Saturday, April 25, 2009


I've been tagged---AGAIN!! Baba did it! I told her not to, but she did it anyway!! (just kidding).
She says I should post 8 things:

8 Things I am Looking Forward to:
1. Wacky Quilting Retreat weekend
after Mother's Day
2. Mother's Day
3. Week end at the Lake
4. Alabama Trip for a Family Reunion
5. Working in my Garden and
Flower Beds
6. Remodeling My Kitchen
7. Losing 10 pounds
8. Being with My Family
Not necessarily in that order

8 Things I Did Yesterday

Spent the Day with my Mother

Read 3 magazines

Met with Mother's Home Care Nurses

Picked up Medicine at the drugstore

Skipped Lunch

Watched Grey's Anatamy


Received a gift of 5 strawberries from my Grandson.

8 Things I Wish I Could Do.
Snow Ski

Be Thin

Long Arm Quilt

Play the Piano

Wish health for a close friend

Visit Hawaii

Restore and live in an older home

Own My Own Business

8 TV Shows I Love to Watch (this is the easiest one)

American IdoL

Dancing With The Stars


Grey's Anatomy

Judge Joe Brown

Local News and Weather

Live with Regis and Kelly

Will and Grace

8 Blogs to Tag
Latane - A Quilting I Will Go

Tozz - Tozz's Corner

Carlotta - Mahogany Blue

Vicki - Field Trips in Fibre
Osage Bluff Quilter

Pat - A Little of This and A Little of Pat

Cindy - Cindy's Cross Stitch, Quilting, and More

Rhonda - Quiltzblog



Pat said...

Loved reading your lists of 8.......some of mine will be the same....gotta go work on that now and have it posted for tomorrow!

Vicki W said...

Thanks! My Mom wan't to visit Hawaii too. I don't have any interest in going there. Will you take her so I don't have to go? LOL!

OsageBluffquilter said...

Molly, thanks for tagging me. I will get around to it hopefully soon. I've just got a lot to do right now. We are leaving for a Blacksmith conference so I have post its all over the place of things to do before I leave. thanks again

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